Portfolio - Welcome to a selection of some of my pictures. What I like about photography is that it really puts me right into the moment, where I can't be distracted, where I can't be thinking about other things. And we're all looking for moments like that, no?

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About - I'm a self-taught photographer, focusing on Landscape photography, with a passion for long-exposure. I also like to shoot architecture and urban photography. I try to convey the feeling of the moment when the picture was taken, the way I felt, the atmosphere, to create an interplay between reality and illusion, pixels and emotions.



I wish I could say I started shooting because of my father. But that isn’t the case. He was a terrible photographer! It actually started a bit later when he gave me his Canon AE1 and I started to process my own B&W films. I don’t think I have kept many of the pictures from that time. But the magic was there, behind the lens or in the dark room.

Photography is a moment of embarrassment and a lifetime of pleasure.

The photo enlarger has been replaced by Photoshop but the AE1 is still around, quietly sitting in a drawer with all the cameras I’ve used since then. I keep them all, as memories of the people and places they shot. I still shoot with many of them but mostly with my DSLR and my 1990 Hasselblad, which I love.

My inspiration comes from champagne, music, people I meet, places I visit and the thought process of subconsciously looking at everything and anything.



Photography will always be about chemistry.





In my bag

What’s in my bag? Lot’s of stuff, specially for long-exposure





My Hasselblad

No battery but an incredible sound and softness




I shoot portrait-1

Portrait a little

I shoot landscape-1

Landscape a lot

I shoot architecture-1


I shoot cities-1


I shoot long exposure-1

And long exposure

Blog -


7 Oct 2013

Heading out to Iceland

In a few days, I'll be heading out to Iceland and really feel excited about it. I look forward to hiking over there with so many great paths and

Slow small size-1
Slow small size-2

Slow small size-3

Slow small size-4

Slow small size-5

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