Big Sur

A tribute to the 1962 novel by Jack Kerouac. And to one of the most impressive places in the world.
All quotes from his novel.

Big Sur-2

Seeking respite in solitude of Big Sur wilderness.

Big Sur-3

Nothing ever happened – Not even this.

Big Sur-4

And when the fog’s over and the stars and the moon come out at night it’ll be a beautiful sight.

Big Sur-5

Oh my God, we’re all being swept away to sea no matter what we know or say or do

Big Sur-6

The more ups and downs, the more joy I feel. The greater the fear, the greater the happiness I feel.

Big Sur-7

The pathway to wisdom lies through excess.

Big Sur-8

We all agree it’s too big to keep up with, that we’re surrounded by life, that we’ll never understand it.