Trolls and Elves

Elves and trolls are common beliefs and conversational topics in Iceland. Perhaps these beings are more visible in Iceland because its people are more open-minded and live very close to nature, which is their home. At one time Iceland was densely populated with trolls of different types. They were creatures of fierce temper that lived in or around mountains. The nature of the trolls differed individually, some were benevolent and others formidable monsters that killed and ate people and livestock. Common feature was that they could only travel by night and if the were exposed to sunlight they would immediately turn to stone.


Female trolls were usually more benevolent than male trolls. The female trolls would often yearn for the love of humans luring men to their caves with magic spells.
In many cases the men would fall in love with the trolls eventually becoming trolls themselves.



Sometimes the trolls would have children with humans, a sort of a half troll. These half trolls would generally look like ordinary humans possessing the magical powers of the troll parent. Female half trolls would often be exceedingly beautiful and enchanting.



Trolls slowly disappeared with the spread of humans or blended in as half trolls. Today only a few genuine trolls exist in the most remote regions of Iceland.
Their half troll descendants can however easily be seen in modern Icelandic society if one takes a close look.



Genuine male trolls are still a threat as they are likely to steal women and children, and are now more intelligent than their ancestors.
If you should come across such a creature do not attempt to communicate in any way, just run as fast as you can!



The elves were created in biblical times. God came to visit Eve, and Eve was unprepared, as she had not yet bathed and washed all of her children.
She hid the dirty children from God. When God asked if all of her children were present, Eve lied and said that they were.
God knew that she was lying, so he decreed that the hidden children would become the Hidden People for all time.



The elves are friendly and human in form. They are said to be very beautiful and can only be seen when they wish to be seen.
They are said to live under rocks and ledges in the countryside, but also show up in cities from time to time.



In order to move an elf home, elves must be consulted, and there are people who claim to be able to talk to the beings.



For example, if a road is being built and there is a large rock in the middle of the path, someone who can talk to the elves is sometimes called in to ask the elves if it is OK to move the home.
If the elves say yes, the rock is placed on the side of the road. If the elves say no, a roundabout is built in order to preserve the elf home.



If something is missing from a house, icelandic people say that an elf has borrowed it. And usually they find it the next day or so, right where they were looking for it.