Are we stuck in Fast-Forward? Are faster and more really better?
Mae West once said: Anything worth doing is worth doing slowly
And she was probably talking about sex (did she ever talk about anything else?).


This day, I was slowly walking down the beach, open, connected, waiting for a gift from the sea.
And this is what I got.


Slow surf
It was just a few of us that day on the beach, these surfers and myself.
And one of them accidentally stood right in front of the camera, staring at the waves, while I was taking my long exposure shot.


Slow sunset
Wanted to extend the sunset that day, adding a few more minutes or hours to the day…


Slow bridge
Felt like the Bridge was a gigantic angel’s harp, waiting for some giant’s finger to pluck the first chords.
Could even hear the music with the wind.


Slow ghosts family down at the beach
Can’t remember how many they were, they came in, stopped by for a few moments and moved away.
You only see what you wanna see: Guess I wanted to see ghosts that day



Cloud stopping by.
This serie from my last exhibition in November 2013